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Negative Space

everything that is not a penguin

Negative Space Guild of Flyff
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NegativeSpace is a guild in the free MMO, FlyFF, on the Mia server. We tend to spend about half our time levelling and the other half standing on stupid things and messing around.

Want to join? Our only requirement is that you're a nonjerk who can communicate effectively and likes to have fun! :) Any level or job is fine! /say one of us and we'll talk :D

rapierice : LapisLazuli, Guildleader
druidstwilight : Earthenspirit, Kingpin
message : hatsuyuuki, Kingpin
sheala23 : Tobei
zelink14 : Raevynn
solarsugar : Barachiel
acros, assists, awesometastic, baby aibatt, being weird, blinkpool, buffs pls, fly for fun, flyff, flying, i buy cape, i join guild, jake snake, lolz, mages, magic, marching, mercs, mercs are for wussies, mmos, nao nao nao, nubs, obscure art terms, party plz, penguins, psychipers, rangers, res plis, ringmasters, serious business, silly hats, sorry shea, standing on things, super vagrants, the heal bitch, we have armor