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New Guild Member! [Mar. 23rd, 2007|09:01 pm]
Negative Space Guild of Flyff


[Mood |anxiousanxious]
[Music |JYONGRI - Possession]

I've been grinding like crazy on Leyena's to get Toma's and to also level up to level 50 (without dieing repeatedly). Everything else kills me in Darkon. :x
While I was grinding, I got invited to party with this guy. After talking to him for a while, I thought he was pretty cool and invited him to the guild.
His name is Sraz (If I remember correctly..) and he is a level 49 Acrobat heading towards Ranger.

He warned me, he may not stay since he's a loner. He's quiet, but he's really cool. So, I think y'all should like him. :3

Yes, I did tell him the majority of the guild is busy with school, and he said that was fine.

On another note, does anyone know what happened to Sage? I haven't seen him on in weeks.

[User Picture]From: rapierice
2007-03-24 02:24 am (UTC)
That's awesome. :3 If we bother him, it's okay, we can harrass each other in /p if we gotta. XD

My guess with Sage is that he's just busy with school. He posts on Facebook occasionally. Kiyome says he started playing another MMO about pirates. We're supposed to bother him when we get online so he can play with us, but he is a loooser and does not have an LJ so he is only on Facebook. :(

We're ALMOST DONE WITH SCHOOL though yay! I'm totally going to play for a year (read: like two days) straight after finals. :O

Oh and I got a G Wand! Finally! Oh and hi!
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[User Picture]From: message
2007-03-24 02:30 am (UTC)
Is there a chance y'all will be on this weekend!? :D

I keep forgetting to join the guild facebook group. >_< Flyff is the only MMO that I've enjoyed. I haven't tried a lot, because all the cool ones are in Korean or Japanese, and my Japanese skills still suck. D:
I should add you guys on LJ. XD

I wish I had the time to just play and play and play, I'd be level 60 already!

School is only going to get worse from here on out. I've got so much freaking stuff to do before Graduation.
I'm glad you found a G Wand! I had no luck finding one. :/ I keep getting level 40 drops. :O
Hiya! \:D/
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[User Picture]From: rapierice
2007-03-24 03:07 am (UTC)
I wish. D: The rough cut of our animation project is due like, Tuesday. We're maybe a bit over halfway through. >_> Also I have to do ten pages of concept work for this superhero thing for character design, and build a hovercraft out of card paper. So, er, maybe? XDDD I got on for like an hour last night...


I agree! I played WoW for a ten day trial, that was fun but after ten days I was out of stuff to do anyway. I played City of Heroes on my roommate's account for a bit, then I beta tested City of Villians when it came out. I have like 12 character who were all level four, because I loved the character creator way more than the game. XD I played Runescape in middle school for a bit, but left when I realized it sucked. I played Maple Story for... a day. I played Secondlife for... two days. XDD Once again, spent like six hours playing with the character creator, then I got bored. We tried Rappelz but I don't like that you can't use wasd or the arrow keys to move.

So yeah, Flyff wins the award. XD I'd love to play a game in Japanese, but I'm only conversational. Once they figured out I was an American my life would basically be over, becaue surely they know about our otaku infestation, and then they'd just shout KAWAII BAKA NEKO BISHOUNEN at me or something, I imagine. =_=; Also I have no idea how to say PARTY PLS in Japanese.

Ahahaha... I paid 25M for the wand. DX I did find a G staff, though, which I CANNOT SELL so I'll probably be giving that to my elementer and/or letting you or Sage use it because it's useless to my psykeeper. I get a lot of blue assist and acro drops. >_>; Pity I'm not an assist or acro.
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[User Picture]From: message
2007-03-24 03:18 am (UTC)
Darn! :D
Good luck finishing your school work. :x I'm putting off mine for the time being because I = lazy.

I want summer too - but my parents are making me get a job. It's good in a way, because then I have money. But I know I'll spend it all on importing CDs. >_>;;

I haven't tried WoW. The way people are addicted to it scares me. :x I tried a free server for Ragnarok Online, but point and click moving sucks. I love using WASD to move. I tried Runescape in Middle School, but after seeing a Cyber Sex circle scared me off of it.

I played Japanese Flyff. It was awesome. :3 I got lucky though - I found a guild of English speakers and joined up and just played with them. The few times I found someone who COULD speak English, they were still...rough. Most Japanese MMO players are actually really nice and not that judgemental. I had a few that helped me even with the language barrier. I also tried this other MMO called Yogurting. Awesome art, but I had no idea what was going on. I'm not even really conversational in Japanese. I can introduce myself and say basic things. BUT...I can read hiragana and a lot of kanji - so I'm not totally useless.
ROFL. That would be a funny thing to know. I can imagine it now. "PARTY PLZ." and them running off.

I wish I had that kind of penya to spend. :( I'm just now getting close to 1MIL. OOh! You've got an ele? :D I keep getting Merc and Acro drops. Nothing either of my characters can use. If I get lucky and get Assist drops, I keep them so my assist can use them later on.
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[User Picture]From: rapierice
2007-03-24 04:06 am (UTC)
my parents are making me get a job

LOL... yeah that never stops. =_=; I'm hoping I can get something fun and part time, like night bartending or something. Waitressing. Lifeguard. I don't know. I just don't want to wash dishes. :p

Cyber sex in Runescape? LOL... unsexiest thing EVER. XD Their avatars are like bricks, and the women are bricks with boobs.

I've forgotten so much of my Japanese. >_> DigiPen doesn't offer any electives so I've gotten absolutely no practise apart from telling off otaku online. >_>;

My first character is a level 23 mage/ele XD I plan to level him this summer but yeah... I really prefer psy type spells, and floating. X3 So he's not REALLY an ele. XD You could probably get use out of the staff and then give it to him when you need something better, because he still has 40 levels until he can actually use the damn thing. XD I generally only keep greens because my bank is so full. X3 But yeah, I have an assist too...
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[User Picture]From: message
2007-03-24 07:34 pm (UTC)
I'm supposed to be getting a job on the Government run Army Base - we'll see how that goes. I was an Engineering Aide 2 summers ago - it wasn't bad and the pay was great. xD;

Oh I know. It was actually sad. But I was pretty young so it scared me off of MMOs for a couple of years.

The University I'm going to offers just about any language you can think of and if they don't have it and at least 3 students want to learn it, they'll get a native speaking Prof. to come and teach it. So, I'm going to take Japanese and possibly Korean. :D
I'm glad my Otaku stage hit and ended in about a year. I tend to avoid most otaku like the plague.

Walking is overrated. I just like the elemental spells too much - plus I'll be good when we GW. :D I've almost caught up to Pray in terms of levels! I'm about to be level 50. Woot!

Oh and I friended you on LJ. :D
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[User Picture]From: rapierice
2007-03-24 08:52 pm (UTC)
Runescape can do that. XD I didn't play any for years but for me it was primarily because "hay these things cost money!!" Oh yeah, I forgot, I played Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst in its beta, and it was pretty fun but only if it was free. You don't get nearly enough money in that game, and I just kept stupidly feeding everything to my mag. >_>

Your college owns. XD DigiPen is great for specializing but I miss swim team, band, and Japanese so very much.

You and Sage both decided to go ele, which I actually think is pretty awesome. XD Personally we'll have more use for two eles and a psy than multiple psys, espcially in GW. ^^ In parties I'll just be the satan-spammer and you guys will be able to pound things with spells and we'll be invincible &c. Though I think the RM is Sage's main. >_> Not sure.

I've almost caught up to Pray in terms of levels! I'm about to be level 50.
WOOOO awesome, you'll probably have caught up with ME by the time our summer hits. XD

XD awesome. I will friend you back but just FYI, Sakuracon is in a couple of weeks so I'm pretty much talking about nothing else for a while. XD
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